Matrix Reloaded

I had been waiting for this movie ever since I came to know about it …
Well Matrix has revolutionised the art of film – making and its a totally new ball game. If you have seen Matrix I, you’ll know what I mean.
So what does a Matrix crazy dude like me do ? Well, check out the movie first day first show at the most expensive hall in town. Believe me, I would have shelled out Rs. 250 for watching this movie at a good place !
The movie starts off at a fast pace … but it slows down a bit for the first 20 – 25 minutes when they enter Xion … but once they get out of there, you better not go anywhere !
The action just keeps getting hotter. The Wachowski Brothers must be aliens from outer space to have come up with such ideas to shoot the movie … The camera angles are P E R F E C T and the sound track couldn’t get any better.
The action sequences are like nothing you have seen before … and I mean NOTHING !!!
The sequence where Neo fights the 1000 + clones of Hugo Weaving had my mouth wide open. If I’d had had any more action at that time, I would have probably died of suffocation … I was totally breathless …
The movie also has a 14 minute car chase to boast off in the end …
However, the story lacks something and you feel like the directores have concentrated more on the action in this one. You have to pay close attention to the dialogues to follow the story … though not as confusing as the previous movie, it lacks that bit of depth in the story which would make it a perfect movie …
For an all out orgasmic experience … head to the best theatre in town … you won’t be disappointed !
The movie really lives up to its hype …. I swear !
PS :If you are interested in the Matrix philosophy, check out this site :
It will answer all your questions.

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