’’The world just doesn’t disappear when you close your eyes … does it ?’’
Memento, wow !
One of the most mind boggling movies that I have seen to date.
In fact, it IS the most mind boggling movie.
The film is directed by Christopher Nolan and stars Guy Pearce, Carrie Anne Moss and Joe Pantoliano ( Trinity and Cipher from the Matrix )
All three of them are just magnificent throughout the movie and their acting … who said they were acting ?
They were just … natural.
For starters, this movie plays backwards.
No, not in rewind, but backwards.
Christopher Nolan has directed superbly and the editing team have done a marvelous job.
The movie revolves around a guy ( Guy Pearce ) who is hunting for the person who killed his wife.
It would be easy but for the fact that he cannot create new memories due to a hit on his head while trying to save his wife.
He remembers everything until that incident, but nothing after that.
He forgets things within 5 minutes of them occurring, thus not being able to create new memories.
This movie is a definitely a 2 or more time watcher.
The first time you see the movie, you are just baffled and amazed at the way the movie is shot.
By the time you get used to the movie, it is almost half time.
And by the end, when you THINK that you have got the movie, the ending completely stuns you.
I was completely speechless the first time I saw the movie.
The second time I saw the movie with a friend, I saw his reaction at the end and it was like ’’What the … ’’
Once you come to understand the movie, you will also understand the reason for the way in which it is shot is completely justified.
This movie will greatly appeal to people who like to see movies which make you think.
This movie, will spoil your many nights’ sleep.
If you like Matrix, kind of movies, then you will definitely like this one.
There is hardly any action, but the movie keeps you totally engaged and you will not notice the 2 hours slip away.
This movie hadn’t been released in India and I dont think it will be as it isn’t suitable for most of the Indian Population, hence being a niche product.
Believe you me, this is the only movie I have seen that hasn’t got even one bad rating … neither from the critics nor from the general audience.
The average critic rating for the movie is 4 out of 5 and general audience rating is A-.
Sorry if I haven’t been able to tell you more about the movie as it would spoil the entire experience.
I have told you enough to be able to grasp something that is happening on the first viewing and enjoy the movie at the same time.
For an all out brain washing experience, go get this title … DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED.
( Preferably the DVD – Wide Screen Version )

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