The Italian Job

An unexpected half day at college, saw me and my friends crashing at INOX … to … well … see a movie. As we did not want to see any of the Hindi movies running and having already seen Pirates Of The Carribean ( a mighty neat movie … will write a review soon ), we had no choice but to go for The Italian Job.
Under more favourable and normal circumstances, I would have not gone for the movie … having seen no promos of the film, I wasn’t to excited about spending a cool 50 on the movie. But then I heard my other two chums exclaim .. ’’Oh. This is the movie in which they drive the Mini’s up a dam’’ and I was like … ’’ hmm … might be interesting’’.
Believe me, the movie was well worth the money and the risk. The Italian Job is a smart, slick and shall I say, a nice feel good kinda movie.
It revolves around the lives of 4 ( or was it 5 … 6 maybe ) thieves who manage to pull out the smartest ( and may I add utterly believable ) robbery … stealing 30 million dollars in gold. This is in Venice and complimented beautifully by a boat chase.
But the movie must go on … So, these people eventually lose all the stolen gold to a double crossing fellow amongst their group. The remainder of the movie revolves around how they plan and try to get the gold back.
I do not wish to delve anymore into the storyline which is strictly against my principles, but if you have any faith in my taste of good films ( which I am sure you do 😀 ), go ahead and catch this movie. I assure you, you will not be disappointed.
The cast is very selectively picked up and everyone perform just so well that you can identify with each of them …
The movie is sprinkled with a nice dash of humour which really lightens the movie and makes it a second time watch too.
The ending of the movie is one of the most spectacular ones that I have ever seen. Okay, okay I have said this a lot many times before ( Matrix, Memento, et all) but then this ending is unique and very special in its own way and you are happy for the people.
Kudos to the planning team as I believe that a lot of planning must have gone into the making of this film. Kudos again !
And before I forget to mention it, the movie is directed by F. Gary Gray and the cast comprises of Mark Wahlberg, Edward Norton, Charlize Theron, Christina Cabot, and Mos Def. And did I mention that the music goes very well along with the story and the film. They tell me this is a remake … and a fine one at that too.
Catch all the stunts … there are no special effects used in the film .. and yet the stunts look just marvelous …
Happy watching !

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