Kandisa (Music)

Assignment completion time saw us friends hot swapping music.
Bored with the conventional music albums, we were digging up and ’Different’ music that we had.
Thats when my friend lent me his ’Indian Safari’ Tape. The tape was a mixed compilations of various artistes … all good songs … but the one that really caught my attention was ’Kandisa’ by Indian Ocean .
I was hooked. I just had to have the cassette.
The next day, I plopped into music world and bought the cassette for 65 bucks !
The attendant told me the CD costs Rs. 395/- ( wow ! )
The cassette is just so amazingly refreshing. It is the kind of music that you mightn’t have heard lots. Its totally alternative. New vibes.
Their music is somewhat in the league of ’Alms for Shanti’ but different in their own way. Very soothing, very refreshing … so earthy !
The cassette starts of with ’Kya Maloom’ which is an amazing track. The other great tracks which I really loved were ’Kandisa’ which is the title track ( last on side B ). This is actually a Syrian Catholic Hymn which has been sung for more than 1000 years and the band has done a really amazing job recreating the magic.
Another really great track – ’Ma Rewa’ is a folksy song about the Narmada and really peppy. ’’Hille Re’’, ’’Leaving Home’’ are some of the other tracks that I adore.
The cassette has a total of 7 tracks.
Most of the songs don’t have a lot of vocals … only lots of music which is fantastic.
The music will appeal to people of all ages, cultures, languages, and tastes.
To a person who swears by Metallica and one who loves N’Sync and group.
Everyone in my family ( including my mom ) just loved the music.
The music is perfect for listening anytime, anyplace.
It transports you to a place … a green place … you under the shadows of the trees on a lazy, sunny afternoon, relaxing, with the green grass under your bare feet and a the sound of water flowing from babbling brook completing the perfect picture.
Thats where you go when you listen to the songs.
The album is marketed by Times Music, but hasn’t had a lot of publicity ( as you will later read from the cassette cover booklet ), so not many people know about the album. But all those who own it, will treasure it … I assure you.
The cassette will make the perfect gift for anyone and also the perfect music to accompany you on those long drives on a picnic.
Just go grab a copy, I assure you … you’ll love it.
Happy listening …

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