Kill Bill Vol 1



I was five and she was six
We rode on horses made of sticks
I wore black and she wore white
She would always win the fight

Bang bang, she shot me down
Bang bang, I hit the ground
Bang bang, that awful sound
Bang bang, my baby shot me down

Kill Bill Volume 1 …
Starring Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu.
The fourth film by Quentin Tarantino ( never heard of him, lol ) is a straight forward, no application of brains movie.
The movie is kinda artsy, and may not appeal to many.
One of the most talked about flicks of recent times, the movie is shot superbly which is one of the main things which we can get out of the movie.
The movie starts of nicely, with Uma Thurman’s broken and bleeding face ( in BW ).
The title track fits the movie nicely.
When the movie starts, one thing that you can notice almost instantly is the amazing vibrancy of the colours.
It looks superb.
I won’t use much space in telling you the story, because for the fact, that there exists none.
The title is the story.
Uma Thurman, a bride to be and 6 months pregnant, gets shot in the head along with all the people at her wedding ceremony in a small Texas Town. She was a member of this assassination group of which Bill is the leader.
Miraculously, she survives, but goes into coma for 4 years ( I think ).
Then one fine day, she gets up and seeks revenge.
Hence, the film is aptly titled ’’Kill Bill’’.
The movie contains a whole lot of graphic violence, not seen in recent times, and with heads being chopped off along with arms and legs, it does get a bit gross.
Thankfully, they have censored out some of the very gruesome scenes ( the tongue biting one ) and a few more of which I’d not like to talk about.
The movie was recommended to me by a Movie Crazy friend of mine, who saw it First Day and that too during exams.
Asked him how it was the next day, and he replied by biting half of his tongue and shaking his head from east to west.
’’Awesome … Better than Matrix’’ were the only words that he said.
Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but it was pretty neatly done.

Seasons came and changed the time
And we grew up, I called her mine
She would always laugh and say
’’Remember when we used to play?’’

’’Bang bang, I shot you down’’
’’Bang bang, you hit the ground’’
’’Bang bang, that awful sound’’
’’Bang bang, I used to shoot you down’’
The movie is indeed a Roaring Rampage of Revenge and the casting is well done.
Uma Thurman acts very well and so does Lucy Liu.
The movie may feel quite stupid at times … okay, okay – most of the times, but I told you it was an artsy kinda movie.
The fight scenes fill up most time of the movie and are kinda artsy too.
The sword fight with Lucy Liu’s gang goes into Black and white and Silhouette and then again back to the amazing vibrancy which exists throughout the movie.
The last fight scene between Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu is a bit of an anticlimax.
The movie builds up quite well till then and then, well, doesn’t quite live up to it.
Another different feature of the movie is that a part of the story is told in anime.
Which, many people found funny, but quite missed the dark emotion conveyed by it.
As for the soundtrack, it is just great.
The music during the fight sequences, greatly enhances the effect of the battles.
Overall the scores are brilliant, and looking forward to purchasing the OST.
Statutory Warning : Not for the faint of heart.

Music played and people sang
Just for me the church bells rang

Now she’s gone, I don’t know why
And till this day, sometimes I cry
She didn’t even say ’’goodbye’’
She didn’t take the time to lie
Bang bang, she shot me down
Bang bang, I hit the ground
Bang bang, that awful sound
Bang bang, my baby shot me down

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