Jhankaar Beats

Smart Film Making…
What do you call a movie which has an average star cast, virtually no story and which still keeps you stuck to your seat ?
Smart Film Making? No.. Jhankaar Beats.
I had wanted to see the movie on the big screen, but due to some reason or the other hadn’t been able to.
I had forgotten about the film, until I caught glimpse of it, when it was playing on Sony, I think…
I just saw ten minutes of the film and closed the TV. I had to watch it from the start.
My fortunes were good as just recently, my friend had purchased the VCD which are very very affordable.
I quickly got hold of it.
There are two aspects of the film which are just … so well done that it makes a great film out of a movie which would have been otherwise, just a one time watch.
Firstly, the film has some amazing peppy numbers along with some really melodious slow ones .
The film pays its tributes to R D Burman, who is, without doubt, one of the greatest music makers in the History of Indian Cinema.
Secondly, the film is made is such a lovely way … not seen in the conventional hindi movies. The Editing is superb and the songs play at the right place at the right time.
Unlike movies which have great numbers, the songs compliment the movie rather than otherwise.
Okay, now here is something about the story …
The story revolves around two pals ( Rahul Bose and Sanjay Suri ), their wives ( Juhi Chawla and Rinke Khanna ) and their quest to win the Jhankaar Beats which is a musical competition … something which they have been losing for the past two years.
They eventually find a guitarist ( Shayan Munshi ) who is also their boss’ son.
The other plot which runs side by side includes Rahul Bose and Rinke Khanna who are on the verge of a divorce, and Shayan Munshi trying to woo Riya Sen ( who I might add looks extremely hot ! ).
Rahul Bose, Juhi Jhawla and Sanjay Suri act extremely well and are well supported by Rinke Khanna, Shayan Munshi and Riya Sen.
Actually, Riya Sen doesn’t have a big part and just adds the glamour to the movie ( and tonnes of it ).
Shayan Munshi doesn’t do too bad for a newcomer and dances pretty well too.
Quite a bit of the movie is in English and it is not done deliberately. It is a very natural thing to do in an Urban Movie, which Jhankaar Beats is. I noticed that the entire conversation between Rinke Khanna and Rahul Bose was in English and it doesn’t look a bit unnatural.
The movie is pretty funny and has some very hilarious moments. The humour is quite sophisticated and witty. Somewhat like Munnabhai MBBS. Quite a bit of this humour, I might add, is adult in nature, which is why the movie has the A rating.
Overall, this movie is very urban, has some great numbers along with some great acting and most of all some terrific editing and direction.
If you liked Dil Chahta Hai, you’ll love this movie.
Definitely worth a watch.

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