The magazine will be delayed due to administrative reasons :)

Guessed it right … more rains 🙂
But not minding it at all … in fact got drenched in the morning itself and had to sit in wet clothes for the rest of the day … that is about 7 hours !
Anyways, the ACE ( Association of Computer Engineering Students ) magazine which we were supposed to come up with might not see the light of the day.
For starters, we aren’t receiving any articles … which I have come to believe are due to the following reasons :
1. All the people in TE are getting murdered by the CO stuff … ( for more information … please visit : www.genocide.com )
2. The BE people have either no interest and / or lack the technical expertise to write a REAL article.
3. And you can’t blame the SE people as such …
Furthermore, according to Murphy’s laws which I would like to quote :
[quote] Anything that can go wrong will go wrong [unquote]
The dean is not allowing sponsorships, which will be hitting us in a very bad way … because the cost of the magazine that we had so carefully envisioned, is quite a bit, and we cannot use money from the funds to plug in for that. ( as it will be insufficient )
So, you can expect either a 6 – 8 page newsletter or no magazine at all if there are no funds.
Furthermore, the dean is pretty pissed, because some members of the committee announced that the membership fee to be collected is for the period of one year … which was wrongly interpreted as one calendar year …
This should have been more aptly put in as one academic year.
However, the fee collected for the previous year ( academic ) is over with the year … New fees have to be collected … which the janta are opposing … which will eventually lead to the closure of ACE … which will eventually lead to riots … which will eventually lead to the end of the world …
So, unless something is done … and fast … you have only a month to live :o)

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