My typical day

[0745 hours]
It is a Saturday morning …
Quite early for me to wake up …
Logged on to the internet to check mail …
The plan of the day : simple
Finish 2 writeups, 6 programs
[0930 hours]
Finish putting the last morsel of breakfast in my mouth.
Time to put the plan in action.
[1127 hours]
Put the finishing touches on 1st writeup.
1 big one more to go …
[1131 hours]
Finish drawing the margin for the 2nd write up and start writing
[1133 hours]
Call from mom … She’s given her car for servicing …
Have to go and buy spares and leave them with mechanic
[1203 hours]
With uncle at car shop, paying the money
[1227 hours]
Sitting at granny’s place … waiting to pick up mom from clinic.
Write ups completed : 1/2
Programs writted : 0/6
[1304 hours]
Reach home after picking up mom.
[1348 hours]
Finished lunch
Back to work
[1452 hours]
Call from Mechanic.
The right drive shaft turned out to be of a Wagon R instead of a Zens
[1512 hours]
At Mechanics
Mechanic remembers he forgot to ask me to get something else …
Mechanic gives a list of more 3 things to buy before tomorrow
[1517 hours]
On way back home with heavy drive shaft jutting out of my Kiney on potholled roads
[1526 hours]
At entrance of society
Rear tyre starts wobbling tremendously …
[1527 hours]
Rear tyre completely out of air
[1528 hours]
Kick the bike in frustruation
[1530 hours]
Finally at home, with what feels like an hour of dragging a bike with a flat rear tyre.
Dragged bike for distance of 300 mts in about 2 mins 40 seconds
Number of times bike foot stand hit calf : 12
[1547 hours]
Get up after having changed the flat tyre
[1602 hours]
Back in room
Wasting time on the computer
Write ups done : 1/2
Programs written : 0 / 6
[1806 hours]
Dropped mom to clinic on bike
[1856 hours]
At tyre repair guy’s shop
Still getting flat fixed
[1908 hours]
Leaving shop
On scavenger hunt for the remaing stuff to give mechanic
[1912 hours]
Standing in front of closed car shop which was open in the morning
[1921 hours]
Still searching for shops which have the requisite stuff
[1955 hours]
Back at home after successful scavenger hunt
[2214 hours]
Just putting finishing touches on 2nd write up
Write ups completed : 2/2
Programs written : 0/6
[2356 hours]
Finishing stupid blog
Expecting many hate emails and comments
Write ups completed : 2/2
Programs written : 0/6
Result : “Screwed” on Monday

“Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong …”

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Comments (4)

  • Rishi Agarwal 15 years ago Reply

    ok, i have to say… this was one of ur worst blogs ever.. even worse than the ‘ aaarrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh”

    u couldnt finish ur work coz of unexpected things happening like flat tyre ( and still did 2 write-ups !! ) . Me, well, I saw a movie- went to sleep – saw Lost – surfed online … well, and thats the reason i couldnt do anything !!

  • Saurabh 15 years ago Reply

    Finishing stupid blog
    Expecting many hate emails and comments
    … My point exactly 🙂

  • jomy 15 years ago Reply


    I thot ki write ups are driving only me myadd !!!

    What a waste of good sleep time !!

    Anyways ..what the hell jyyne ..u finished 2 write ups !!!( u were expecting it ..so …)


  • Shalini 15 years ago Reply

    you poor old man you..!!! 🙁

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