Bloggers …

We’re an interesting breed … aren’t we ?
Bloggers …
Even though I write a lot ( crap .. mostly ) … I don’t read much ..
So, the list of blogs that I read on the right pane might not be as elaborate as it would be for so many bloggers out there …
But then again, I have been online from 11 tonight … to now … that is about 2:24 am … wandering … from one blog to another … just reading … and honestly, had a lot of fun doing that … just reading …
One really funny post that I visited for the easily the tenth time, and still enjoyed reading was : this
I suggest you check that out too …
You won’t be disappointed …

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Comments (3)

  • Aditya Pethe 15 years ago Reply

    Dude that post you linked was excellent!!

  • Hawkeye 15 years ago Reply

    hey sourabh,

    thanks dude 🙂

    hope things r going well with ur project. nithin always has great things 2 say about you

  • jomy 15 years ago Reply

    hey ,

    UPDATE !!!!!

    every time ..i log on …nobody has updated 🙁

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