BUC – Bandwidth under Control

I don’t know how many of you know this, but BSNL has got this awesome feature called “Bandwidth under control” in which, they themselves help you in controlling your broadband usage.
I am using the Rs. 500 plan in which I get a 256 kbps line and a 1 GB limit for a month.
Now, 1 GB per month is roughly 33 MB per day.
I generally stick to about 25 – 35 MB per day, which keeps me in the 1 GB safe zone … however, during exams and submissions and seminars, this limit touches about 55 – 60 MB per day.
So, what BSNL does is awesome …
During the peak time, exams and practicals and stuff, my phone magically goes dead for 2 days.
No phone, no broadband.
This works perfectly.
Coz, during the peak times, when I really need to use the internet, I would be hitting about 150 MB in 2 days.
So, by cutting my phone, these guys help me save up on that.
It’s really awesome you know …
You should definitely give it a try …

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  • Yuvi Panda 15 years ago Reply

    Same here, Saurabh. When I most wanted it, when I had nothing to do during the Rains, that was the only time when BSNL was not working…

    Atleast, you had a Tata-Indicom backing. I didn’t even have that…. SO, you were lucky…;)

  • Anonymous 15 years ago Reply

    u have a lovely blog man. me came via broadband forum. i am using 1gb 500 bsnl scheme and it is touching 2 gbs every month. donno wahat to do. the thing is every month i plan to cut it to 500 but it goes to 2 gb. any solution from u would be appreciated!

  • Saurabh 15 years ago Reply

    Hmm … that means BSNL does not provide BUC services in your area … 🙂

    On a serious note, to save bandwidth, I generally queue up any downloads > 7 – 8 MB which I dont desperately need for the night ( post 2 am )

    You should also curb on skype ( voice chatting ) and video chatting services if you use.
    Both individually clock about 30 – 35 Meg / Hour and thats not pretty 🙁

    If you are not a post 2 am person … yet … I had written a small tut on how to make your PC do work for you past 2 am …

    Its considered a safe practise to actually disconnect / reconnect your PC at 2 am and then again do the same at 8.

    BSNL servers are off by 5 min, so a safer practice would be to do the same at 2:15 am and 7:50 am

    Anyways, the link to the tut is here :

    – Saurabh

  • Aswin Anand T.H. 15 years ago Reply

    hi, people like me who use an “always on” connection, is it possible to restart the modem automatically after 2 am ??? 🙁

    btw, i also have a blog on scheduling downloads. its at this url.

  • Sharath MS 15 years ago Reply

    Check out this utility

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