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Okay, before I get on with all the stuff about engineering, I’d like to tell you something about myself and how you should read the blog.
I am doing a 4 year engineering course in Computer Engineering from Pune University.
The Pune University is one of the more reputed universities for engineering this side of the country after IIT Bombay.
This is mainly because, unlike many colleges elsewhere, we have University exams every semester (6 months) from the first year itself and the overall results are pretty low .. with about 18% – 22% of the students appearing, clearing all the papers.
So, the course is pretty challenging … and people need to slog out regularly to do decently well.
Now, Pune is sort of a students paradise – and its one of the best places to study in.
A large population of Pune comprises of students, with people coming from all places in India and also other countries to study here …
You’d find probably any conceivable course in Pune.
And isn’t Pune called the Oxford of the East ?
Now whether you believe that or not, is debateable … but the fact is that it is called that.
Anyways, why I mentioned its one of the best places to study, is because there are tonnes of student centric activities that take place here.
There is the Indian Express Verve, and every college has their own festivals ( and there are 100s of colleges ) with quizes, games, lan gaming and any other contests people can come up with.
In the sports side of the story, there are lots of sports tourneys that take place throughout the year – enough to keep you busy.
So, in all, its a nice place for a student ..
You can stick to one particular side, or get your hands dirty doing a little bit of everything.
In the three and a half years, I’ve wasted a good many college hours doing all these things, so I reckon I can consider myself pretty knowledgeable to write on “How to skip classes in a productive manner”. A lot of which I would also be discussing out here …
So .. umm .. watch out this space for more …

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