The big why ?

The first question, most of the people reading this would ask – “why ?”
Why would anyone want to write a blog on engineering ?
Here goes …
I’ve been in Engineering for the past 3 and a half years of my life ( as of writing this ) and have observed a lot of things … which are typical off most of the Engineering colleges and the courses …
Engineering is a different ball game altogether, and hapless 18 year olds are pushed into this big thingamajing with nothing to expect at all …
To some people, its something they have been waiting for most of their lives. Some people can’t handle it for more than a year and quit and some people are still unable to fathom, as to why anyone would want to do engineering …
Have been there, done that – and learnt a few things on the way which I’d like to share with fellow aspirant engineers as they embark, or are thinking on embarking on this 4 year journey.
So, you can consider this to be some sort of altruist excercise, a writing expedition or just something that I am do to kill time … the fact is – that its there, and if you have just joined an engineering course or are planning to join, it might help you a wee bit in making choices, and as to what to expect …
So, here I am … with my second blog.
My first one – if you haven’t heard of it or been there, is called “Musings on Life” and its worth a decko …
There, I rant about life in general … and what I personally feel of certain things and situations.
In the next post, I will talk about – what I actually intend to put up in these spaces and how to go about interpreting stuff from this site – if you are not in the same faculty as me or doing engineering under a different university.
Until then …

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  • Rishi Agarwal 15 years ago Reply

    ok, i think u r doing this coz u r going to miss ur engineering life after u passs out ur BE.

    Well, anyways… atleast i wont be reading this blog of urs, as i myself have learnt enough from my 4 years experience.. and the one thing i learnt till now.. is that – Its your Path, Follow It !!

    keep it up, and keep helping those hapless souls who joined engg.

  • Karthik 14 years ago Reply

    Saurabh – Can’t say I completely agree with you. Leaving your home and family is the first step to gaining your independence and experiencing the outside world with all the pain and responsibility that comes with it. I moved from Chennai to BITS, Pilani. It was one of the best phases of my life. downside is its been almost 12 years since I spent Diwali with my family. You write well, keep up the good work. Check out my blog if you get a chance – http://chennaitochicago.blogspot.com/

  • Saurabh 14 years ago Reply


    I was not talking about moving out of the house … I was speaking for travelling to colleges far off – back and forth everyday.

    In the first rounds of the admission process, I got a college which was 25 kms from my place – and I decided to join a hostel there if I was to stick to that college.

    Now colleges like BITS Pilani and the IITs and the IIMs are in a different league altogether which do not apply to this rule.

  • Mrs.sudheer 14 years ago Reply

    nice article on engg.i was wondering if you could tell about mescoe , the acads part.my son wants to opt mech engg.there.how are the profs and placements.
    thank you

  • Saurabh 14 years ago Reply

    Dear Madam,

    MESCOE is a good place to be for more reasons than one.
    It gets even better if you are close to the city and dont want to spend hours travelling about to the outskirts (where most of the colleges are located)

    As for Mech Engg, MESCOE has a pretty good faculty (or so I have heard), but the sad reality is that jobs in the Mech field are kinda hard to come by nowadays …

    So unless your son is a die hard mech guy or is definitely considering doing Post Graduation, I’d advise to reconsider the Mech route…

    – Saurabh

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