The long march ahead …

As I stepped out of the corridors of the college, into the sunset and the open fields, the Gladiator Movie theme (the one with Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerald) started playing somewhere in the background.
Was I imagining things?
It was really playing.
As my other fellow mates slowly trickled out outside, squinting their eyes at the sight of the sun (or whatever of it remained at this time of the day), I slowly made my way to the fields.
The music was still playing in the distance, but I could hear it clearly.
I walked up to the more sandy parts of the field and stood there for a while.
Then, I dug a hole in the ground with my bear hands … and taking the five sheets of papers from my bag, buried them in the hole which I had dug and covered them up with the mud.
I stood up (the music still playing), looked up at the setting sun and said “Now we’re free”
I had just finished writing my last exam paper for the semester, and the five papers that I had buried, were the tragic question papers – ones which had killed many of my fellow mates and would kill even more (including me) once the results are announced.
However, the time had passed.
We were all free to live whatever life we had left.
As I walked across to my bike, the feeling of relief and jubilation set it in …
The music in the background had gradually stopped and it was now replaced with a soft sort of ringing, which had gradually grown louder and louder.

Till I realised it was my alarm !

I woke up. It was 6:30 am – and I was in my bed with still one paper to go !
I cursed, got out of my bed, when …

I heard a thud.
It was me falled off the bed.
I was dreaming about the alarm and was actually having a recursive dream (dream in dream) like the picture in picture feature of many TVs.
Just to be sure, I dug out my cell phone and read the date.
It said, 16th Dec 2005, 3:34 am
Exams got over yesterday.
Phew, what a nightmare !
— NOTE —
Just came from watching King Kong as a post exam treat.
Wrote a review on it, which you can check out by clicking here.

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Comments (5)

  • Aswin Anand T.H. 14 years ago Reply

    ha ha…superb blog

  • Yuvi Panda 14 years ago Reply

    You had to make through it for 1 day…

    I have to go through it for 6 years…

    But, then, I guess yours are much easier than mine…..Or, maybe, the otherway around….

    Then, I have 3 to go, but then, that’s just one of the exams I’ve gotta face this year, though the last one of 2005……

    But, then, Congrats on Finishing it, and, hope you’d get somewhere around the 90% mark…;)

  • Saurabh 14 years ago Reply

    It matters if you plan to work someplace.
    Atleast most of the companies coming here see your percentages.

  • MaK-D 14 years ago Reply

    ummmm word of advice…..no more pot for you!!!!

  • Saurabh 14 years ago Reply


    Then I want all my money back …
    I want my refund !

    We had a deal there !

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