King Kong

Note: A lot of details in my review have not been given out, because I don’t want to spoil the many surprises the movie has to offer
Just came back about 20 mins ago after catching the preview show of Peter Jackson’s King Kong, and thought that I’d pen down my thoughts on it.
To be honest, I had no idea of what the movie was going to be about.
Over the years, I had developed a kind of a subconscious image of the movie King Kong being about a big Gorilla and a human girl he falls for.
I have not seen the earlier movies – there were about 4 of them made according to IMDB, so I don’t really quite know how much this stuck to the originals, but here goes anyways…
The Review
The film starts with a very vintage look – I guess it has too…
It is set about sometime in the 1930s during the Great Depression of the United States (which actually lasted from 1929 – 1940)
The first half an hour of the movie takes us through the New York of the depressions – with thousands of people homeless, out of work, or going out of work.
The cinematography is impeccable.
Here, we are introduced to Jack Black who is sort of an obsessed movie maker who intends to make the next greatest adventure flick ever.
We are also introduced here to the very lovely Naomi Watts, who is an out of work actress and trying hard to make ends meet.
The other leading actor in the movie (besides King Kong himself) is the very suave Adrien Brody, who is also supposed to be the hero of the movie.
The first hour of the movie, as many people would tell is quite slow, but it was very interesting nevertheless.
The cinematography was a Peter Jackson true to life and you could really tell the directors focus to detail.
Even though the entire city was computer graphics, it was very realistic.
The second part of the movie is where the action actually picks up and this lasts for about the one hour and fifteen minutes.
The entire cast, reaches the shore of a ’’to be believed’’ lost island and that’s when the real fun actually begins.
In this part, we are introduced to King Kong and also every other possible creature which has managed to survive through the centuries.
Here the computer graphics are at their best, with action packed chase sequences every five minutes – leaving you pretty much breathless and at the edge of your seat.
There are actually a LOT of chase sequences, but they improve on the ’’adrenaline rush factor’’ with every sequence …
During the second half, which is shot entirely on the island, the scenery is nice but sometimes, things get pretty gory – these guys have not edited out quite a lot of content – and mind you, some parts got pretty squeamish.
You’ll also notice a lot of threads from the ’’Return of the King’’ battle sequences which are very noticeable.
This brings us to the last part of the movie, which again goes back to the city and hence goes into the emotional – drama track.
Though there is a King Kong rummaging through the city sequence, it was not as exciting as the island sequences.
I liked the overall acting of the cast and I think Jackson got the casting pretty much spot on.
Jack Black plays the looney director to perfection till the end, Adrien Brody also is good and Naomi Watts is stunning throughout the movie.
They all play their parts spot on – true to life.
Though, at many places, I found the supporting actors to be mediocre.
The plot of the movie is that there is no plot.
Sadly, there is hardly any story in the movie, and if I had to tell you the story, I could have done it in 5 – 10 lines.
But it is pretty much on the lines of the original movies – I am sure.
The background scores were pretty decent and kept up the pace of the movie at proper places. Though there was nothing outstanding about it (like as in Gladiator or Lord of the Rings)
The Computer Graphics were top notch. No question about it.
You’ll probably get your money’s worth just in the graphics quota.
Lastly, the cinematography is as good as it gets in any movie.
I did not find any flaws at all … and I was really impressed by it.
Ending Notes
At 3 hours 7 minutes, the movie does get pretty long, but it is worth it.
Some parts, in my opinion, could have done with some snipping – and the movie would be best at about 2 hours 45 mins or so.
I think what Peter Jackson has done here, is to take an old movie and do things which were never before possible.
This is apparent in all the action sequences and the amount of detail given to so many things.
After the ’’Return of the King’’, I did find this a touch disappointing, but the second hour almost made up for it.
Though at parts the movie becomes mind numbingly brilliant, there will be parts which go to the level of some B grade movies and make you cringe (this is mostly to do with the supporting actors) or maybe these parts were necessary in keeping with the original King Kongs.
However, many things lose touch with reality (which is kind of acceptable because it is a King Kong) movie.
But I sincerely believe, that the movie could have done with a fewer cliché’s.
In the end, it turned out to be one cliché after another…
All in all, a very nicely made movie with a very nice cast to boast and a lot of effort put in it.
Definitely worth your hundred bucks.

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