Sponsor hunting …

These vacations (if they qualify as vacations) have probably been the worse ever …
Which I guess was pretty obvious after the disastrous exams that I gave before them …
Anyways, we guys are having our inter collegiate festival in the last week of Jan – from the the 30th Jan to the 3rd of Feb.
After a much smaller event last year, we guys decided to spruce things up a bit – with 5 days instead of the customary 3, and 12 contests compared to the 5 last year.
Naturally, to get more people to participate, we guys even cranked up the prize money we “intended” to offer.
So, from the 19 grand last year, it jumped up to 119 grand this year.
We guys thought, what the heck … we have lots of time (we’ve been working on this from the last week of Nov somewhere) – and we should manage to raise the dough.
Now, with only about a month left for the event, and only 46k from 2 sponsors, things are beginning to look a bit hazy.
The reason that the vacations have been sucking so far, more than the fact that we’re literally hauling our asses every morning – to go sponsor hunting, is that the response we’ve got so far is pretty dismal.
We’ve been trying to analyse the reasons to this and can point to a few, but these are primarily out of our reach.
I just hope things start picking up now, or 2005 will be a year best forgotten.
Hehe … I intended to put down a blog later about “successful” sponsor hunting, but I don’t see that happening now …
Lets see where this goes …

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  • saurabh 14 years ago Reply

    Oops! Somebody has impersonated me on the last comment! I just deleted it, and incase any of you saw that last commnet, I suppose I can assure I am not sponsoring my money on that;)

  • Saurabh 14 years ago Reply

    Okay …
    Funily enough, some nutjob is going about posting comments on my blog under my name and also has the audacity to link it to my actual profile to make the whole magic trick seem pretty.

    Well, I had deleted the first comment, though you can read all about it in this post : here!

    The previous post is also not by me ( no picture see ? )

    – Saurabh

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