The event update …

I haven’t been getting time of late to blog … been extremely busy – painting the town red – everyday, going around for sponsors and then later for project.
The funny thing is that I HATE to get out of the house and roam around.
Part of this reason being that to go anyplace worthwhile, I have to go quite a distance.
So, in the vacations, when many of my friends just hung out the entire day, I would wonder why do they do it.
I rarely ever did it, and now I think, have compensated for it in this vacation … maybe even for the rest of my life …
Anyways, as per the event, we’ve made some progress from the last time the post came about, but we are falling drastically short as of now … unless some miracle happens soon, we don’t know whats going to come of it.
The event’s gonna be on the 30th of Jan, and we need to get some amount of sponsorship, by the 10th of this month. Then only, we’ll be going ahead with additional expenditure, like poster printing, advertising and the works.
I guess, by this Monday, we’ll have a much clearer picture.
Either we do a full fledged event as planned (decently possible), a more cut down event – with lesser prize money and stuff (pretty likely), or we’ll be scrapping the event altogether (equally likely).
Lets see …
One more thing that you come across while doing an event is that the various people who you work with, all, have an event which they love.
Now, when the axe is about to fall on a particular event, these people will try and defend the event till the very last.
It is difficult to be stern, coz firstly, very few people are working anyways, so you don’t want to upset them, and secondly, coz you generally don’t want to upset people.
The other kind of people, which I hate completely are the ones, who come up with their own damn, neat, ideas for contests or additions to the events – last minute – months after everything was planned and months after people have slogged their asses to get to this position.
Whats more worse is, that these people, take the liberty of talking to people and start organizing things for “their” new additions and contests without consulting the others.
Very annoying.
But I guess, these are the typicals.
During this entire month and a half, I’ve met many not-so-typical people, but I’ll leave them for another post.
Lets just wait and watch and see where this all goes.

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Comments (2)

  • Yuvi Panda 14 years ago Reply

    >>painting the town red

    What, imitating Hutch ?;)

    >>many of my friends just hung out the entire day, I would wonder why do they do it.

    Same here. No Idea what those guys without Computers would do all day….

    And, all the Best for your College Event, and hope to learn something from you, since I expect to find myself in a similiar position some 6 Years later;)

  • jomy 14 years ago Reply

    Hey Jayyne …really working hard re !!

    Dont worry …it will all turn out to be fine in the end !! After all you guys have been at it ..since a long time !!

    Believe me …after 2 months of engg study …and cramming , the last thing on your mind , would be sitting at home and doing stuff on your computer !! Not only that , the fact that the next 6 months would be even more troublesome ..makes you think …what the heck …Why not make the most of the hols !!

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