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I don’t know how many people will agree with me, but ICICI banks, generally, suck !
All the money they spend on the Amitabh Bachan ads and the stupid “Bharosa hai” campaign could be put to better use, buying some sense for the people running the bank.
My dad and grandfather both have an account at the Shangrila Garden ICICI branch which is quite near my college – and to my great misery as well.
The proximity of the bank to my college, accounts for my gzillion trips to the bank – mostly to deposit cheques and stuff.
These guys have installed a cheque accepting machine, which, hardly anyone knows how to use – and most people are afraid, would eat up their cheques.
If you want to withdraw money, you probably have to wait in line for 20 minutes atleast during anytime of the day – at the ATM adjacent to the bank – which most probably is out of cash and is being refuelled. In relation to that, if you need cash due to a financial crisis that you’re experiencing go now at cashcomet’s official website. They are always open to help people even though they have bad credit. Many times, I’ve had to deal with their not so helpful employees who’d give you the “Oh – why the hell did you ever be born” look everytime I made a minor mistake filling out a form or something.
Once, they refused to make me a demand draft to pay my fees ( which I had to do in about 4 hours time ) because apparently, their central server was down.
So, basically, ICICI is one of the banks in my “I will not bank here off my free will” list and atleast for the time being, plan to keep it there.
So, today, to my awesome luck – I was to go and deposit a couple of cheques ( 4 actually ) in the bank.
I was already late for my first lecture at 8, so I decided to bunk it and go and deposit the cheques first. ( the bank opens at 8 am )
So, I enter the bank at 8:30 – and I learn that I cannot use the machine to deposit the cheques and I need to do it the old fashioned way off the counter.
Then to my surprise, I learn that they have changed the system and I now need to take a token to even do that …
Agony !!!
Anyways, I do that and wait …. and wait … and wait …
With about 10 minutes left for my next lecture and still about 20 guys in front of me at 8:50 in the morning, I throw my token in the bin and decide to come back later.
Fast forward to 1:15 pm
I enter the bank again – and it seems like the entire population of Pune had decided to bank at the same time.
There is total chaos at the bank – with about gzillion people running about, with no place for a guy like me with his big college bag to even stand.
I knew I had it !
Luckily, the token generating machine crashed – and all the token numbers of the gzillion people there got mixed up.
When I went to get my token – the guard asked me to just go directly and give the cheques to the person at the counter.
There was a line out there – surprisingly consisting of only 5 people. I blessed the guard for having some sense and headed for the counter.
Now here is where the surprises start.
The female at counter number 5 – inspite of all the chaos and rush and madness was pretty chilled out.
She was actually genuinely smiling and thanking all the people for banking there.
She actually apologized when she asked another female to fill out another form which the other female herself had screwed up!
Hmm …
When my turn came – I gave her the entire pile of 4 cheques – she flipped through them – and found that the last cheque slip did not have my dad’s cell phone number.
The horror !
At other times, I would have gotten a look from the employee which would make me want to kill myself and everyone else in the room – but this time, this person at the other end of the counter, just smiled – and said “Sir, all the cheques will go separately – so you need to fill the cell phone numbers on all the slips.”
I was dumbstruck! I just took the slip, filled it up, and returned it back to her which she promptly stamped and returned the counterfoil back to me.
I slowly made my way out of the maddening crowds – the counterfoils in my hand – wondering what was going on …
Maybe ICICI got some employee etiquette program going on – or maybe she was just a nice person.
Anyways, need more such service around.
Even though I still don’t approve of ICICI, just want to give credit where it is due …
So there …

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  • MaK-D 14 years ago Reply

    ICICI bank os the most inept, incompetent and useless bunch of people i have heard of and have had to deal with. And you wont believe it…they are supposedly the 5th best company in India. I will never have anything to do with them. BUNCH OF IDIOTS!!!!

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