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This semester, the college attendance for our class has been pretty low.
On a good day, the class attendance has been about 60% at best.
I think this stems from the fact, that nothing much is happening in college, we have crappy subjects and people are basically bored having attended the last 3 and a half years of their lives coming everyday to college — so they want to cut it short.
Not to mention project work !!
Besides, we have only 4 subjects this semester and our time table has been put up in such a way – that we have Thursdays off for project work and then again Saturday and Sunday (which is normal college holiday too) – so we’re basically working only 4 days a week.
On top of that, we have no practicals on Friday – which makes it the juicy day to bunk on – something I did this friday – with disastrous effects.
It turns out, that more than half the class had the same idea which resulted in the only the other half turning up for class which eventually resulted in a very, very *angry* (read pissed off) Head of the Department.
So in order to get us back on track, there was a long lecture (I heard about it via many people who actually were present) and we’re having a test tomorrow on 2 chapters — in which, if we score less than 75% (which is again a pretty impossible result to achieve), we will be chucked out of the class.
Also, there were a lot of warnings about us getting very, very poor grades in our projects (which make up a good 150 marks) and term work if we didn’t attend sincerely enough.
Warnings also on “how what we do for projects does not matter”, as the marks eventually come from the internal and external examiner – whose good books we need to be in.
Using this logic, people who spend more time doing credible and decent work (and who happen to miss classes due to this reason) will end up getting less marks than other people who come up with some half baked projects BUT attend sincerely.
So, why should we bother at all?
As sad as it seems, this is how most of the places work – I think.
You need to suck up to the higher authorities to get anything done at all.
Luckily in our case, this fact has just been more “explicitly” mentioned.

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  • nithin 14 years ago Reply

    saala…get 80% and still crib.
    u will never change…haraami!

    anyways…in the end these are just empty threats…especially for you…i am pretty sure that you have enough power in our college to throw out the princi..goddamn posterboy!!!

  • MaK-D 14 years ago Reply

    i eggree….anyway i see the project as a way of learning something usefull as compared to the crap we learn in theory and never end up using at all…but apparently that does not matter…i do think they are empty threats

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