Aeon Flux

Was unfortunate to have ended up going for the movie today.

What could have been our only solace that it had Charlize Theron – wasn’t worth it …

Spending a hundered bucks on the film still hurts and will do for sometime now …

Will have to watch a couple of good movies just to wash the bad taste down …

Just goes to show that even Hollywood can churn out utterly crappy movies …

This one, just had a lot of budget to add to it the slickness (and also Charlize Theron)

Which makes this movie, in one sentence – “An utterly crappy, slick flick which also happens to have Charlize Theron” :p

Catch my review of the movie here.

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  • Id it is 14 years ago Reply

    One less to see!
    “Inside Man” sounds promising.

  • Aswin Anand T.H. 14 years ago Reply

    lol !!

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