Finally done and over with …

Today probably marked a pretty important day for me – college is finally done and over with !
I know this has been said before, but we had our project demonstration today, and so (considering I clear all my papers), I should not have any official reason for going back to college ever (except for collecting my marksheet)
Anyways, even though all these past four years have had many pleasant memorable experiences, I would be leaving with sort of a bad taste …
The only requirement for our project demonstration that we had off the college was access to a decent internet connection – we were carrying our own notebook (mainly because the college computers would not be able to support our development environment :p)
Anyways, our project guide from college called us personally a day before and informed us that the college was having some trouble with their internet lines and asked us if we could make some arrangements ourselves.
We ended up carrying a CDMA Wireless phone which gives dial-up speeds internet connectivity. It did get our job done, but was painfully slow and frustruating !
Anyways, on reaching college, we realised that the internet connection had been down from a couple of days and no one had many arrangements to fix it – or even call the customer care support for that matter, even though many teams needed an active connection to demonstrate their projects.
Moreover, all the computers were infected with worms and viruses which caused unexpected behaviour on the systems – adding to our misery.
The final ‘real’ downer – was that the examiner who came to check out our project was very, very unqualified to do so …
I’d go as far as to say that he was a complete idiot and had no idea at all about software development.
The college is not to be blamed for it – because the University sends these people – but c’mon, there has to be atleast some level of competence!
The guy who came to us, asked us questions like:
– What are the number of classes have you used in your project?
– How many tables are there in your database?
– How many pages does your site have?
It was very apparent that the guy knew nothing at all within the first five minutes, and to save his blushes, he had to ask us questions – many of which could clearly be termed as ‘stupid beyond belief’.
The demonstration did go past 60 minutes and he kept interupting us with his moronic questions throughout – half of which we had to strain to make sense off in the context of our demonstration!
It actually hurts when people spend months in completing a project – with the time, money and energy spent – and the person who is supposed to assess the project turns out to be a complete moronic idiot and does not even make an effort to understand what you have done.
With everything said and done, my other project partners feel that we did the best we could with this sort of a guy and we should be happy that its gone well.
I guess so … but the Pune University really needs a wake up call !!!

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Comments (4)

  • Shantesh Patil 14 years ago Reply

    Hmm too bad man considerng that you had such an interesting idea for a project. My project oral also went on for more than an hour and my examiner contrastingly was extremely knowlegeable about JSP that we had used in our project. It still does not mean he can ask us to explain the source code for every damn page. I mean he was asking us the syntax for every small thing every button every text field. We got tired explaining the project to him

  • Yuvi Panda 14 years ago Reply

    Unlucky you….. But, it’s over anyway….

    Hopefully, I won’t feel that pain myself:D

  • myaxl 14 years ago Reply

    Hey..its the same with every college and not jus urs. i remember my engineering daz..GOD!!!Pathetic to the core..i am so glad therz no more of those crappy proj presentations to be given in front of a bunch of morons!!!

  • Shalini 7 years ago Reply

    Just decided to stalk your blog and came upon this. Some frustration college was! I’m happy it’s over. I do hope it got better for the ones that came after us.

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