Bombay to Goa (new)

I’m a guy. There have been occasions (while playing sport) when I have
been hit in the (you know where) and let me tell you – the experience
is one of the worst any guy could go through …
Well, that was until this movie came along …
The reason I turned up at Inox on a Thursday night for a special paid
preview (to a movie I didn’t know even existed) was because my brother
was unfortunate enough to win two tickets to watch the movie due to some Idea contest.
Below is my experience with the movie …
For those of you who don’t know what the movie is about, its about a trip
from Bombay to Goa (duh!) which involves the entire cast from the Great
Indian Comedy challenge.
It has Sunil Pal, Ahsan Khureshi and Raju Sreevastav in the leading roles …
I am utterly sorry, but none of these people could act even if their life depended on it.
Vijay Raaz (Raghu Romeo) is the only guy who actually acts – and I really
feel sorry for him that he has to suffer due to the rest of the cast.
He is extremely talented – and it really pains me to see such talent go to waste …
The plot is completely non existent – so I wont waste keystrokes trying to describe it.
Stuff has been literally thrown in – just to make some extra jokes …
Like, the entire Indian cricket team gets on the bus – just so the comedians
can make some Greg Chappel jokes (which aren’t even funny)
The movie drags on from scene to scene – with pathetic editing.
You can clearly make out the cuts during the retakes and editing.
The acting is completely non existent and the dialogues are twisted and
turned just so that they can get some more jokes in (which are again
not funny – and not at all contextual)
In brief, I had to gnaw my leg off to maintain my sanity while watching the movie.
If you manage to put a brick in a sock, keep rotating it from one end of
the sock — till the brick at the other end gains enough centrifugal
force and then hit yourself with that brick — on your head – the
experience would still be more bearable ..
I have no idea how such films are even made. I mean – do even real, adults
sit and discuss the plot and think it makes sense — or is the Indian
audience so stupid that they’ll buy the crap these guys dish out???
Please don’t go for the movie – even if it is free !!!
(Which I think is the only way people will enter the halls)

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