The ups and downs of blogging …

There have been umpteen number of times I have really stopped blogging.
And being the really lazy person that I am, I always tend to post some crap as to how I will start blogging (regularly) soon – and then eventually, I stop again.
There have already been some failed attempts.
Exhibit A, Exhibit B, and Exhibit C.
But then I met an old college friend of mine today who asked me as to why I had stopped blogging all of a sudden.
I sheepishly replied that I had no time nowadays – even though I know how wrong that is …
I have lots of time – its just that I prefer to do other things then.
Also, somehow this proves that I am doing atleast some work at my new job.
The reason I was blogging regularly at my previous job (apart from the fact that it sucked so bad – it would be a wormhole to another dimension) was that I didn’t have much work…
Now that I do, I generally prefer do catch up on some reading everytime I switch on the computer at home.
Either that or I am chasing some other billion dollar idea which just cropped up my head.
Anyways, in view of this and the fact that the blog limit I had set sometime ago for me needs work, I intend to start blogging more regularly …
I promise 😉
[ Min number of posts to go till Mar 17, 2008 : 76.]

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  • Preetam 13 years ago Reply

    Thankx again for the valuable time…
    Also i already had one coke before u even came to meet me.. ;P

  • iditis 13 years ago Reply

    Hadn’t heard from you in a while..
    Blogging if a burden is best offloaded at least for a while; you can always start over.

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