Network Solutions stole my domain name!!!

Please do not use network solutions for searching for domain names. And I mean DO NOT with caps in bold …

This is what happened – and it is my worst nightmare come true!

I wanted to book this domain name today – saga2008.com and I went to search for it on network solutions which told me that it was available. (I always use network solutions to search for domains)

After seeing that it was available, I went to GoDaddy to book it – because GoDaddy sells domain names for 7 dollars (5 times cheaper than Nework Solutions which charge a whopping 36 dollars)

Believe my shock when I found that the domain name was booked.

I hurried back to network solutions which told me that the domain was still available.

Back to GoDaddy – booked!

So I go back to Network Solutions and do a who is lookup on the domain.

Imagine my shock when I see that Network Solutions booked the domain name under its own name and is holding me at ransom to pay 37 bucks for a .com domain which I can get for 2 bucks elsewhere …

This is utterly despicable behaviour and I am really hurt and angered by this all.

So much so that I need to get the word out and warn everybody about this tactic.

So, please please do not search for domains on Network Solutions unless you want to be held hostage.

It’s unbelievable!!!


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Comments (16)

  • Abbas Gadhia 13 years ago Reply

    Same story. But worth noting the details of it.

  • Abbas Gadhia 13 years ago Reply

    And THIS should put an end to the debacle. 4 days!!!

  • Adv.Gaurav.Jachak 13 years ago Reply


  • WineCountryResources 13 years ago Reply

    Same thing just happend to me. I wish I would have seen your post earlier. I always search with network solutions because it allows me to enter multiple domains and I like the interface. But I register with 1and1.com
    This is such crap!
    I’m totally pissed.

  • Saurabh 13 years ago Reply

    Yeah I know how you feel …
    However, they do give you back the domain name in 4 days time.
    ICANN allows registrars to book domain names for NO fee at all for 4 days – after which they will need to pay.
    So, network domains along with some other registrars indulge in this practice hoping that they can sell a domain name like this…

  • Famao 13 years ago Reply

    this is such a sick act.. the hell with their luxury service if they are treating people this way.. they are like we know what you need, and kiss our asses to get it? it’s not FUNNY NETWORK SOLUTIONS.. grow up!!
    This act should stop!!
    no company or user with dignity should buy from thieves like you..
    enjoy people hating your sick suck service.

  • John Doe 13 years ago Reply

    Rumor has it ICANN is changing the rules just because of them and the legal experts expect Network Solutions to settle all lawsuits.
    It may appear time to bet against network solutions going forward. Bad practice leads to bad business.

  • brandon 13 years ago Reply

    same story here- those bastards! any legal information on this unfair practice? I’ll look into it now…

  • I Me My 13 years ago Reply

    So isn’t there a way they can be brought to task; it’s stealing in no uncertain terms!
    Good to see you back, and yes that movie was quite an experience!

  • sree 13 years ago Reply

    NETWORK SOLUTIONS stole my proposed domain name too.

  • kidvicarious 13 years ago Reply

    I just had the same problem. after calling them and accusing them of front running (while being very polite and mentioning that I would hope to be able to trust them enough to do business with them) They unlocked it and I was able to register at half the price somewhere else.
    I’m filing a report with ICANN, i suggest everyone else do the same.

  • Deb 12 years ago Reply

    Thanks for all of the above posts…..this just happened to me and I filed a report with ICANN. I will now wait for four days to see if I can register my URL through another provider–I was glad to read in one of the above posts that this was an option! Thanks for saving my sanity. I can’t believe that Network Solutions can get away with such UNETHICAL if not illegal behavior. I will never use Network Solutions again and I will be telling everyone I know not to use Network Solutions.

  • cj 12 years ago Reply

    The same happened to me at web.com
    I went to check for a domain name, and it was available, next couple days I went back to try to buy the domain, and guess what!!! They had registered the domain name!! It is very unethical.

  • anonymous 11 years ago Reply

    If you think that is so bad, how would you like to have a domain taken out of your account (the domain was paid for through the year 2016) and sold by the Registrar. Again the domain was PAID FOR through the year 2016. Yup! the domain was taken from the Moniker account and sold by Moniker. The domain was returned after several weeks, numerous emails, talking to “Monte” at Moniker who was a real jerk and made us feel like it was our fault, by complaining with a real attitude that it was going to cost them $50,000 – $75,000 to get the domain back! I couldn’t believe it!! This company screws up and the so called “president” “Founder” whatever he is – is screaming at me that it is going to cost a lot of money to get it back!
    It took 3 weeks to get the domain back. EVEN though it was still at Moniker!! They didn’t have a hard time taking it, but they had a hard time moving it back!! I couldn’t sleep, or eat, I was just sick over the whole thing. Never got an apology. Never got an email confirming it was back. Numerous calls were made, during the 3 weeks to figure out what was going on!! They assured that the domain would be put back in the account. In the meantime all the traffic went to the other company!
    The domain silently appeared back in the account, with no explanation, and no apology.
    I will NEVER recommend Moniker. They are crooks. This is a premium domain that has been registered since 1997. My attorney will not let me disclose the domain as their has been a lot of other wrong doings, and questionable activity by Moniker, and we are putting together our case.

  • Bill Bartmann 11 years ago Reply

    Cool site, love the info.

  • rishi 11 years ago Reply

    NEVER USE THESE low lives! They sell their mothers ofr $39.00 a year registeration fees.

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