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One thing I love to do – sometimes even more than reading is watching films.

In my humble opinion, a good film talks to you at so many different levels and takes you to so many different places in those 120 minutes – that nothing else compares to it.

Well, there are books of course – but the joy of watching a well made film comes very close to that of reading an extremely good book. I do believe that making a film is a lot more difficult than writing a book.

A director has to deal with gazillion different things simultaneously as well as please the millions of people who would throng the talkies to watch his masterpiece.


Excuse me while I get all sentimental and emotional about films – because I have just come back from one of the most horrific film moments in my life. I have just returned from watching the Bollywood film – Black and White.

The greatest of the directors — the Peter Jacksons, Steven Spielbergs, Martin Scorseses, Quentin Tarantinos, the James Camerons give you — the viewer — the respect that you deserve when you walk into the talkies to see one of their films.

They know that their audiences are not stupid idiots who will watch and take any crap dished out to them.

Walking out of the theatres, watching one of their creations — you feel special — pampered in some sort of a way and take that nice, happy, satisfied feeling all the way home.

I’m extremely sorry to say that Indian directors on the other hand – are exactly the opposite.

They think — we — the audience — are a bunch of morons who will lap up all the meaningless, mind-numbing crap that they throw at us — with our mouths wide open – asking for more.

There are definitely some good film makers in India right now (Aamir Khan, Nagesh Kuknoor, Anurag Basu, Anurag Kashyap) — but the percentages of the films these guys produce compared to the vast numbers that are being churned out annually is very, very meager.

I have no idea why such crap is made and even accepted by the masses.

Today’s film for instance (Black and White) would insult the intelligence of even an eight year old. The research these guys do is limited to their imaginations – and the dialogues are as cliche’d as ever.

It’s about time I think – we guys really refine our tastes and get some quality cinema out.

Please God – let it happen soon 🙂

(If you are wondering why I went for this movie if it was full of horse shit – was because my mom wanted to see it for some inexplicable reason and me and my brother volunteered to take her.)

The pain and agony of those 140 minutes I tell you – was unbearable.

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Comments (3)

  • bikram 12 years ago Reply

    well, thank you for the warning!
    and since you are dishing out great reviews…how about one on JUNO?

  • Fangs 12 years ago Reply

    IMHO, the majority of the audiences are blubbering morons who have absolutely no refinement of taste.
    And unfortunately, most of the movies are made with them in mind.
    Referring to Biki’s comment above, how did you like Juno?

  • Saurabh Jain 12 years ago Reply

    I think Juno is an extremely well made film and Ellen Page’s performance being nominated for the Oscars is very just.
    She did do a brilliant job in the film.
    The reason I did not write a review on the film was because I thought (and still think) that I am too late.
    I still have to come across a negative review for the film.
    It has 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and it is definitely one of the better films of its times …
    I do not agree with your opinion about the majority of the audiences being blubbering morons.
    It is true – that majority of the unbearable movies (bollywood and otherwise) are made to feed a particular kind of audience — and that David Dhawan’s excruciating attempt at comedy and Govinda’s pelvic thrusts wouldn’t exist if everyone liked smart, realistic movies — but then again — there are such people and such movies seem to do a lot better at the box office than the ones which you and I think are good.
    I guess – one man’s meat is another man’s poison 🙂
    Everybody has their own escape in movies — and to each his own I guess … I don’t think its fair judging people on the choice of the movies they see …
    Or then again .. maybe you have a point 😉

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