Whats the point of 3D?

I just came back from watching Avatar a second time tonight – the special edition version.
In my opinion, Avatar is an extremely boring film in which Steven Spielberg James Cameron has spent a good 95% of the reel showing off cool, computer rendered, phosphorescent scenes. Watching it a second time has just solidified this opinion.
Anyways, the more I watch 3D films, the more I realise that there is no real point to it.
3D is perfect for gimmicks and it really makes it difficult to concentrate on whats happening in the film.
I was having a casual discussion of 3D film technology with a friend (who also hates 3D) and we tried to figure out – which film would actually require 3D to make a point in the cinematography or the story. We couldn’t think of any.
While watching Avatar, the answer to that question dawned upon me.
“3D will be useful to only films shot in first person view.”
Think about it. Human beings perceive their world in 3D – in first person.
Hence it is extremely distracting when we are forced to see a 3rd person 3-dimensional view of the story progressing. It is like you are the camera guy and don’t really relate to any of the characters. 3D also has a lot happening and hence makes it extremely difficult to concentrate on whats really happening in the scene.
Maybe, this point of view would be restricted to us older guys who have grown up watching most of the stuff on the 2D canvas that we find 3D extremely distracting. Maybe the younger kids who grow up watching stuff in 3D will make no bones about it.
But my contention is the same – 3D has absolutely no point – unless you are shooting a first person roller coaster shot or maybe a plane landing or flying about in first person. Watching a plane fly around in 3D in third person does nothing for me.
The best 3D film I have seen so far would be Despicable Me – which sticks to what 3D does best – gimmicks!
The movie has plenty of those (including a decent roller coaster shot) and is entertaining.
Avatar on the other hand is over-kill. Not only is the 3D annoying, it is so overdone at some places that it makes you nauseous.
Add to the fact that 3D tremendously reduces the brightness of the film – making it much darker and even more annoying.
However, the studios which decide to make a film 3D after it has been shot in 2D are the biggest culprits. (Clash of the Titans was such a disaster and a waste of money!).
Here is me hoping (and praying) for the 3D craziness to wear off soon and let movies be made  the way they are meant to.
Also, looking forward to someone who can re-ally put together a 3D film which makes sense to make it in 3D!

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  • Bikram 10 years ago Reply

    Hahaha! When you started this post, I was thinking of Despicable Me as the moot point for your argument and then half way through the comment, I read you stating the same!
    But yeah, I do find these 3D movies thoroughly boring…and I didn’t …like Avatar too much. There was another movie released along with that one and I enjoyed that quite a bit comparatively…though I forget which one it was now! Is that a point for the 3-D movies then? Recall value!

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