Duracells actually last longer …

This post is a result of a proper experiment.
I have a Microsoft wireless mouse which eats battery juice for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I used to use Everready (Gimme red) batteries which would die pretty often and soon.
So I decided to do a little experiment.
I bought EverReady batteries for the mouse and checked how long it lasted.
It lasted me from the 15th of Month 1 to the 10th of Month 2 – so roughly 25 days.
Please note that EverReady batteries can be bought singly – for Rs. 10 a piece.
I then went and bought a pair of Duracell batteries for Rs. 40 – so exactly twice the cost.
One Duracell battery – with the same mouse usage – lasted me from the 10th of Month 2 to the 14th of Month 4.
So almost 65 days.
Hmm … So doing a direct cost to performance comparison, I would say, I saved 6 bucks per 2 months (which is almost 30%)
(I would be spending Rs. 26 in EverReady batteries for the same duration a Duracell gives me)
So there! Now it has been proved (from a real live experiment).
Just thought that you guys would find this piece informative.

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