How to install Windows 8 or Windows 7 drivers for Boot Camp 4 on Mac OS X Lion

UPDATE: Though this post was written for Windows 7, I recently installed Windows 8 on my Macbook Air using the same steps and it worked effortlessly.

This post concerns a very small niche – people who have Mac machines (Mac Air) in my case and would like to install Windows 7 on it.
I was able to do this successfully using the boot camp assistant – but got stuck up majorly while trying to install the Windows 7 support drivers for Display, sound, wireless etc.
After a lot of digging, I finally found it – so wanted to share it here – so that others searching could benefit from it.
As far as installing Windows 7 goes, it is fairly easy and has been covered at many places.
for eg:

However, what has happened with Boot Camp 4 (found on Lion) is that the drivers for Windows 7 have to be downloaded and it takes forever to do it.
Most of the times the download gets stuck or fails – and you need to start all over again. (It is an extremely frustrating experience this).
The download is actually a 700 Meg file – which is why it takes so much time.
The direct link is not available anywhere and you need to use the Boot Camp wizard only to do so.
Until now …

How to download Boot Camp 4 Windows 7 drivers without using Boot Camp Assistant

  1. Head over to:
  2. You will see an XML file with a lot of stuff that you do not understand. Ignore this.
  3. Using the Search functionality on your browser (CMD + F or CTRL + F), search for this: BootCampESD.pkg
  4. You may get more than one entry – when I searched, I got 2 entries.
  5. I got the following 2 entries on searching:
  6. What you need to do is to copy paste the URL between the tags and download that pkg file.
    I downloaded the latter one because it seemed to me to be more recent.Notice the (041-0707):

  7. Ok. So download it – its about 700 Megs and if you are in India (like me) – it will take about 20 – 30 mins for it to complete.
  8. Double click on the pkg file and it will install (basically unzip) files at a place of your choosing.
  9. Once this has been done,ย  you need to go to that folder using Finder and go into: Library\Application Support\BootCamp
    and then double click on the: WindowsSupport.dmg file.
  10. This will the mount a virtual drive on your system.
    Open Finder and click on: Boot Camp under the DEVICES section.
  11. Copy paste all the files on a USB pen drive.
  12. Reboot into Windows 7 (if you have already installed it)
  13. Double click on Setup.exe
  14. Wait for a couple of minutes – and you’re done!

Hopefully this helps someone else save time.
Let me know in the comments below if this helped you!
PS: Credit to this workaround goes to this post:
Which I was able to come across after days of searching.
Thanks to Chris in the comments below, the latest package (as of 23-July-2012) is available at:

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Comments (17)

  • Sam 8 years ago โ€” Reply

    Hi there,
    I searched for ages on the internet to find a way to download this package!!
    Then I stumbled upon this post and it worked like a charm!
    I want to thank you for writing this post, you saved my day(s).
    You’re the man!
    Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ahmad 8 years ago โ€” Reply

    Hello i am having MacBook Air How is Vm for running windows on mac . How about the performance of windows when it runs on the VM4 Fusion. How is the performance when u install it using Boot Camp..
    Can u give any comparative study on it.

    saurabhj 8 years ago โ€” Reply

    Hi Ahmad,
    I am just running Windows 7 off bootcamp which is quick to setup and run. It is also super fast due to the SSD and the performance is great.
    I don’t have VM installed – so will not be able to help you out there.

  • Jimbo 8 years ago โ€” Reply

    Work as perfect !
    I’ve search for day to find Bootcamp 4.0 windows install files with no success !!
    You save me, THX !

  • Drake C 8 years ago โ€” Reply

    so i’m running OS X Lion as of a few days ago. I’m not entirely sure, but I feel that this may be the reason for the “.sucatalog” being unable to open. How do i open this file?

    saurabhj 8 years ago โ€” Reply

    Most browsers will just open the file – which is an xml file.
    If this is not happening for you, download the file on your machine and you can open it with a text editor on your system like textedit, gedit or even ms word if you have that installed.
    Let me know if this doesn’t work for you.

  • Heber 8 years ago โ€” Reply

    Thanks for your post.
    I’m working in my boss macbook air and it will help me a lot! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Gopi 8 years ago โ€” Reply

    I downloaded the package. However, the .pkg installs by default. If I open it with the Unarchiver, it only extracts files such as “Payload”, etc. No folders.

    Gopi 8 years ago โ€” Reply

    Ah, missed the part about “Extracting” being the same as installing.
    Found it in the Library/Application Support/Boot camp folder in “Mac HD”.

  • Carlos 8 years ago โ€” Reply

    Great help; I was looking for this I have a MBP mid 2012 the non retina. I use 10.7.4 followed instructions however when executing set up exe from USB it does not work. I had to execute set up from drivers folder to make it work. I installed win7profesional x64. I can work (internet bootcam audio ) Iร‚ยดll test how it goes. A message apperared: This bootcamp can work on this computer. Te MBP is new so I used bootcamp 4.0.
    Great help even I had to install around this !!

  • Shuaib Alam 7 years ago โ€” Reply

    Thank you sooooooooooooo much……. great help ……. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • john 7 years ago โ€” Reply

    when i open the file it says that i dont have a program to open the file with what do i do.

    saurabhj 7 years ago โ€” Reply

    If you are on Windows, you can open that file using notepad. (Hit Start > Run and type: notepad)
    Then inside Notepad, do a File>Open and select the file.
    If you are on a mac, use a program like “TextEdit” (Command + Space > type: TextEdit)
    Once that is open, do a File> Open and select the file.

  • Jesse 7 years ago โ€” Reply

    All of the steps work perfectly except that when I run setup.exe in windows 7 I get the error message “This version of bootcamp is not intended for the computer model”

    saurabhj 7 years ago โ€” Reply

    Which version of Windows are you using?
    Win 7 or Win 8?
    Is it 32bit or 64bit?
    The last time I checked the file sometime ago, there were a couple of entries to download the package. Maybe you could try another package?
    Also, this is specific to Bootcamp 4.x. If you are using another version, this may not work. We can probably help you if you can give some more information into what your configuration is.

  • Aditya Kalra 7 years ago โ€” Reply

    I think this is the latest link , as of 11/30/12

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