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Love you to bits: excellent game to play together with your child!

Just wanted to tip my hat to this lovely iOS game that my three year old and I finished playing recently together called Love you to bits.
I stumbled on it by accident quite a few months ago (it was the Free app of the week) and kiddo got interested while I was attempting the game.
Soon, it become our daily ritual to spend half an hour going through the super cute, point and click puzzles. The music is soothing, artwork awesome and the game play excellent.
The story is simple enough that a three year old can follow.
It does have a little bit of cartoon violence on a couple of levels (nothing too drastic – but it isn’t designed for children as such).
However, it has the exact balance of many elements that makes it a joy to play.
I for one, hate point and click games and can never finish them without using hints of a walkthru – but this game though challenging, never made you feel like you couldn’t get out of a level.
A true gem of a game. Highly recommended!
Download here. Trailer is below:

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

Prince of Persia – Sands of Time
The Way Games Are Meant To Be
stunning, gorgeous, arresting, beauteous, beautiful, exquisite, captivating, glamorous, ravishing…
Did I forgetany other synonym? Oops – Prince of Persia – Sands of Time.
This has to be one of THE best games I have played to date. period.
The game is developed by Ubisoft – the same guys that gave us the original Prince, Prince 2, Splinter Cell, Far Cry, etc.
The game is not related to the first two prince games in any way… so you can play the game and follow the story without worrying.
Any game worth its weight (and price) nowadays has to look hot. No questions asked. And Prince does not disappoint. The first thing that hits you once you fire up the game is the stunning-ly rendered images at the menu. Brilliant!
The game uses a lot of particle lighting and pixel shaders which allow the game developers to create ambient lighting.
The lighting used in this game is beautiful … though not interactive like Splinter Cell … but beautiful. Everything looks very rich and vibrant and transports you to ancient India (yes, the game is based in India) with everything you imagined.
You can see the dust fall of his (Prince’s) feet everytime he runs over a dusty surface. Or when, he is hanging from a dusty ledge.
The water, which forms a major part of the game environment, is very, very well done too.
I cannot say enough about the graphics system … very, very, very well done!
Also, in places in the game, when you play outside the castle, the scenery looks amazing and you can?t help but fall in love with the environment.
One more thing that I noticed was that all the levels in the maps were different from one another.
Unlike in halo, where there was a lot of repeating levels, here, everything was different and unique.
(PS: The game officially requires a GeForce 3 minimum to run … though there are hacks available, I wouldn’t advise it. I have a GeForce FX5200 and was able to run the game on HIGH settings)
The game revolves around prince releasing sands from a sandglass which unleashes hell and in the end, he has to well … I’m not saying, play the game for yourself.
You play as the prince and are assisted by Farah – an Indian Princess.
I won?t reveal much of the story, but it is good enough to make a movie on … trust me!
This is one part where this game just simply ROCKS!!! And when I say it rocks, I mean it ROCKS!!!
There are basically three things that you do in the game – fight monsters, perform acrobatics and solve puzzles.
In the monster fighting mode, the only weapons you have are a sword and a dagger.
The dagger has sand tanks which when filled, let you do stuff like rewind back in time, stop time, slo mo and a lot of other things.
The combat mode is a bit difficult because during any combat, you fight 4 to 6 monsters at a time, and when you knock down a monster, it does not die until you stab him with the dagger and recover his life essence (sand).
In the acrobatics part, you do all the stuff that you did in the original prince … hang off ledges, climb poles, walk on ledges, swing from beams and more …
The coolest part is running on walls (a la Matrix style) and doing the split jump.
Also, I’d like to include, avoiding the various traps, like the revolving swords and the iron spikes from prince 1.
Though not many, there are a few puzzles thrown in which will require you to use your grey cells to get out off. Puzzles are of moderate difficulty and you should be able to clear in within sometime without having to refer to walkthroughs.
I want to make a special mention about the Rewind feature of the game.
When your sand tanks are full, this lets you rewind back in time for about 10 seconds … even if you were dead.
This leaves a lot of room for experimentation and basically looks very cool.
Also, this makes up for the lesser number of checkpoints within the game.
This is another plus point of the game.
The background scores throughout the game are very apt and nicely done.
Though the sound effects often get repeated, you hardly notice it.
The music is a fusion of Arabic and Indian classical. About 50 50 percent of both at different times and is really nice to listen to … even if you are not playing the game.
Other Stuff
The game is not very long.
It should take a good gamer about 8 – 10 hours and a mediocre gamer like me 15 – 20 hours to finish the game.
This game has only one ending and no multiplayer mode … which comes in the way of replayability, but it lets you save various scenarios in the game and you can always go and play the ones you like best.
Also, once you have seen the graphics and the gameplay, I bet you will play again just for the graphics and the experience.
This game got a 5/5 rating on GamerTV which is very, very rare … so you can imagine the quality of the game.
UBISOFT has got everything right with this game and you cannot complain about anything…
Happy gaming. Go get pleasured!

Halo: Truth and Reconciliation

Video games are an ’’Priority A+’’ when it comes to wish lists for any teenager … and when you play Halo, you can only understand why … Halo, developed by Microsoft and Bungie is one of the most visually stunning and immersive game that has ever been released … and I am not joking … In the game, you are a Cyborg … the ultimate war machine and the last hope of mankind … you lead the battle of humans Vs Alien Allies in space and different Earth – like planets in the future … The graphics of the game are truly breath taking and the sound is something that you have never heard before … If you don’t believe me, you can search for and download the soundtrack from the internet and see for yourself … The gameplay is highly non – linear and you can explore the various surroundings and the massive worlds … there are no restrictions whatsoever …
The game is quite easy to play with easily adjustable controls and the story line is very immersive … The game has tonnes of cut scenes and you can easily understand whats going on … You play the game in first person and in third person when you drive vehicles … there are 3 – 4 vehicles to drive in the game and it adds to the over all experience. You also work in tandem in many occasions with human troops to battle out the alien forces … The alien graphics look pretty neat as do the human graphics … not to mention the nice comments you get to hear from the human troops during the battle and from time to time. There are also a variety of guns and grenades and a bazooka launcher … You can also use the enemy ( alien ) weapons by switching them with your own … ( You can only carry 2 guns at a time besides greanades ) The game features Dolby Surround Sound and you can actually FEEL the space ships lift off or land or when they fly over head … its truly amazing … The game promises of a shocking end which makes you wanna play more and more … Even after 5 to 6 hours of playing, I think that I have barely scratched the surface … there is so much to do …
You can win a scenario by employing different tactics … there is no restriction on this part … you can snipe your way out, use stealth or if going all out blasting your way – is your cup of tea, so be it … But some scenarios do require you to kill all the aliens in a particular area before proceeding … This is not your average point and shoot game … it requires a lot of brains and skills to solve the puzzles, co ordinate with your troops and plan and win a situation. It is not very complicated … like Rainbow Six … but very enjoyable at the same time … Now comes the bad part, the game is not available for the PC – yet … It is only available for the Xbox ! Microsoft has promised a release soon … I was lucky enough to play it on the Xbox … They say that this game has changed the ways games are made … something in games like Matrix is in movies … I totally agree … I tell you that when people buy the Xbox for $200 – just so that they can play this $50 game, they are not crazy … They are enjoying something that everyone else is missing … And if you are not playing this game, you are definitely missing something … PS : Please do buy the original game ( even when it comes in the PC version ) because of 2 reasons : (i) If you pirate, you are missing something that you’d find in the original game ( sound tracks, cut scenes, levels, etc ) This will spoil the overall experience. (ii) Developers who design such a game, I tell you, truly deserve the $50 that they ask for it … It is not a game … it is an experience … live it un-adultrated …