I am currently in Pune, India and am spending my time on the following stuff: (in the order of time spent)

  • Consulting with an awesome company based out of London, UK which takes up most of my time daily.
  • Trying to be a good, full-time dad to my 20 month old.
  • Building a cloud-telephony service for my mom (who is a doctor) to help her with her appointments and timings for her patients.
  • Helping my school build an email-list and directory of ex-students in time for their 150 year anniversary.
  • Build out all pending features of my pet project – SuperWinR so that I can put up the link for folks to download.
  • Write my first Windows Phone Universal mobile app which makes it easy to calculate timezones in various countries (much needed tool for me to help plan meetings).
  • Advising a few friends on their web strategies for their new businesses.