Podcast Recommendations


I have recently started listening to lots of podcasts. While not all are fantastic, some of them are and I wanted to share specific episodes which are a must hear.

  1. Serial


    This is the one which got me started and is an awesome listen. You have to go serially and listen to all the episodes in order to enjoy this. Presented by Sarah Koenig, there are 12 episodes between 30min to an hour but averaging at around 45 minutes. If you are starting to listen to Podcasts, check this one out. It is quite good.
  2. Of Mice and Men – 99% Invisible (19 min)


    This one is a fascinating episode of what it would be if a Mr. Engelbart had his way. We would have been extremely more efficient with our machines. Produced by Roman Mars. If you work with computers or with the new tablets / phones, this one is a good episode to check out.
  3. Port of Dallas – 99% Invisible (20 min)


    Produced by Roman Mars, this one is a fascinating story of how the people of Dallas (a city which is approximately 300 miles from the sea) tried to create a port in their city. Very well done and very amusing.
  4. Holdout – 99% Invisible (19 min)


    Do you remember the scene from the film Up? Where a tiny house is surrounded by huge corporation buildings and the construction workers are checking up on the old man? Well, it is a true story. Almost. This episode has more. Produced by Roman Mars. Loved this one.
  5. Mooallempalooza – 99% Invisible (46 min)


    This one is a little longer – but contains a very interesting story of the Teddy bear and how the interactions between humans and animals today is so ‘designed’. It has a terrific piece towards the end. Really worth checking out. Produced by Roman Mars and the second part of the episode is a performance by the Black Prairie band and Jon Mooallem. Terrific episode!

I will add more episodes as I come across better ones – but if you heard one from my recommendation and liked it, please leave a comment below. If you have any recommendations as well, I am all ears. Shout out in the comments.

Happy listening!