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World Cup 2011

And everything is right with the world …

So where were you when India won the world cup?
This is one of those defining moments in history that all of us — who were present and witnessed it — will probably remember for the rest of our lives (unless India makes a habit of winning world cups)
Looking back at the last couple of matches, it was very poetic – wasn’t it?
Beating Australia in the quarters.
Beating Pakistan later in the semis – in one helluva match and then later winning the finals against Sri Lanka — played in excellent spirit.
With both Afridi and Sangakara being extremely graceful in defeat.
With Dhoni being the one to score the winning runs. With him ending the match with an awesome six. With Yuvraj being there for company while he hit the runs. With both of them winning man of the match and man of the tournament awards.
With the team winning the world cup for Tendulkar!
In a way, it was just meant to be I guess.
And I have developed great respect for both Afridi (never thought I’d be saying this) and Sangakara for being extremely gracious in defeat and especially for Dhoni for being probably the best captain India has had in a long, long time.
Overall, its been a brilliant tournament and I was glad to be present here to witness it.
All the effort into setting up the giant screen on the terrace and getting a projector paying off…
We have finally won the world cup .. and everything is right with the world!